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Remove 5 second startup delay on Digispark

This worked after I tried a lot of options that did not work. Everyone was talking about some files named “deuxvis-1.05-digispark-d5-progbutton.hex” or “micronucleus-1.06-jumper-v2” or similar, but in the end, what worked was (assuming drivers for Digispark are already installed i.e. you are able to install software on digispark the normal way). Get micronucleus. Drag main.hex …

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How to program LilyPad Nano (LilyTiny?)

The board is not necessarily called LilyPad Nano. The board I have looks like this and was bought at (Aliexpress – non-affiliate link). You upload to it exactly the same as to Digispark (Probably also need the same drivers, I did not need any additional driver). Including the annoying 5 second timeout (you need to …

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Neopixel (WS2812) Gamma correction (make the brightness linear)

https://learn.adafruit.com/led-tricks-gamma-correction?view=all Note: Not tested.

Notes from Me to Me

In this category are notes from me to me. This means the text is organized just enough, to hopefully make sense to me a couple of years down the road. Also this are not things I made, but rather things I learned: datasheets that are hard to find, tutorials, hacks…


I made a new webpage everycoldatom.com! It displays all cold atoms groups in the world. Background I worked in a cold atoms laboratory at Jo┼żef Stefan Institute in 2016, where they cool Caesium atoms to nano Kelvins above absolute zero. I was wondering, how many other labs have cold Caesium atoms, but couldn’t find a …

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Christmas Tree Lights

Last Christmas (2016) I wanted to make custom lights for a Christmas Tree but ran out of time. This Christmas (2017) I succeeded. The idea The idea was to use an Arduino to power WS2812 LED strips. WS2812 are RGB LEDs with an included microprocessor, that allows you to control all of them with a …

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I started a science and tech blog.

Hi there. I started a science and tech blog (this thing that you are reading now). The main goal of this platform is to give me more motivation to finish (side) projects (like this website) and to write about them. Planned projects include (but aren’t limited to) things to do with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, programming, …

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