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Merge PDF files with Python

from PyPDF2 import PdfFileMerger, PdfFileReader merger = PdfFileMerger() for i in range(len(games)):     merger.append(PdfFileReader(open(filename, ‘rb’))) merger.write(out_filename)

L298N Motor Driver

I have several L298N Motor Drivers, that are different. Because the L298N is just the chip, but the boards then have capacitors and diodes and stuff, that make the use easier. I decided that the biggest is the best, as it has a heatsink, that gets hot when there is 2A flowing through it (5-7V). …

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Remove 5 second startup delay on Digispark

This worked after I tried a lot of options that did not work. Everyone was talking about some files named “deuxvis-1.05-digispark-d5-progbutton.hex” or “micronucleus-1.06-jumper-v2” or similar, but in the end, what worked was (assuming drivers for Digispark are already installed i.e. you are able to install software on digispark the normal way). Get micronucleus. Drag main.hex …

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How to program LilyPad Nano (LilyTiny?)

The board is not necessarily called LilyPad Nano. The board I have looks like this and was bought at (Aliexpress – non-affiliate link). You upload to it exactly the same as to Digispark (Probably also need the same drivers, I did not need any additional driver). Including the annoying 5 second timeout (you need to …

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Neopixel (WS2812) Gamma correction (make the brightness linear) Note: Not tested.

Notes from Me to Me

In this category are notes from me to me. This means the text is organized just enough, to hopefully make sense to me a couple of years down the road. Also this are not things I made, but rather things I learned: datasheets that are hard to find, tutorials, hacks…