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Web trackers

Screenshot of Camparison

It has been my longtime wish to make a web tracker, that tracks changes on a given webpage. I tried doing things like that in the past, most successfully with tracking the progress of TeamTrees some years ago. My interest was renewed with the launch of TeamSeas this fall. With this stuff, one must be …

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How to mark weekends with plotBands in HighCharts

So you have a plot y vs time and you want to denote different days of a week with plotBands. The only problem is, you want to do it dynamically, only from the beginning of your data to the end. Welcome to my world a couple of days ago. This is surely built in to …

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I made a new webpage! It displays all cold atoms groups in the world. Background I worked in a cold atoms laboratory at Jo┼żef Stefan Institute in 2016, where they cool Caesium atoms to nano Kelvins above absolute zero. I was wondering, how many other labs have cold Caesium atoms, but couldn’t find a …

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