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Nginx + Flask notes

More will be added I start using them. sudo systemctl restart something.service

Automatic online backup with history

Six years ago I wanted to make an automatic online backup with history of all script files on the shared work computer. The caveats were: It must be automatic. I can not relay on anyone performing any action. It must be user friendly as in any user with basic IT knowledge must be able to …

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How to update your Git credentials on Windows

https://cmatskas.com/how-to-update-your-git-credentials-on-windows/ You set in in the Control Panel. Not the control panel of Git (Bash) but in actual Windows Control Panel.

How to connect to Energenie EG-UPS-002 UPS via USB?

Intro Because I apparently live in a third world part of my country, I experience a power outage almost every week. Currently it is not that bad, but in the fall, there was a month with at least 4 outages. Most of them last only a couple of seconds, but enough to restart my computer …

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Web trackers

Screenshot of Camparison

It has been my longtime wish to make a web tracker, that tracks changes on a given webpage. I tried doing things like that in the past, most successfully with tracking the progress of TeamTrees some years ago. My interest was renewed with the launch of TeamSeas this fall. With this stuff, one must be …

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WordPress Anchors

Link to a specific part of the post The how-to should be explained here https://wordpress.org/support/article/page-jumps/. This post is intended to test the functionality. Second heading Filler text Third heading ΒΆ The url for third heading should be the post + #third-heading. What sucks about it, that nothing about this is automatic. You need to manually …

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How to mark weekends with plotBands in HighCharts

So you have a plot y vs time and you want to denote different days of a week with plotBands. The only problem is, you want to do it dynamically, only from the beginning of your data to the end. Welcome to my world a couple of days ago. This is surely built in to …

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XP220 Power Bank Specs

Input 5V, 500mAOutput 5V, 1000mACapacity 2600mAhLEDs meaning?

Merge PDF files with Python

from PyPDF2 import PdfFileMerger, PdfFileReader merger = PdfFileMerger() for i in range(len(games)):     merger.append(PdfFileReader(open(filename, ‘rb’))) merger.write(out_filename)

L298N Motor Driver

I have several L298N Motor Drivers, that are different. Because the L298N is just the chip, but the boards then have capacitors and diodes and stuff, that make the use easier. I decided that the biggest is the best, as it has a heatsink, that gets hot when there is 2A flowing through it (5-7V). …

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